RIMS Set Theory Worksop

Reflection principles and set theory of large cardinals

September 9 - 12, 2013



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September 9 (Mo)
09:00--09:10    Opening
09:10--10:10 James Cummings    Large cardinals and forcing (mini course (1/4))
10:30--11:15 David Asperó   Forcing locally definable well-orders of the universe without the GCH [slides]
11:25--12:10 Laura Fontanella   Large properties at small cardinals
12:10--14:00      Lunch Time
14:00--14:45 Michael Hrušák   Generic existence of MAD families
15:10--15:55 Teruyuki Yorioka   Side condition method and the preservation of a tower in ${\cal P}(\omega)$
16:10--16:55 Aleksander Błaszczyk   $P_\lambda$-filters and regular embeddings
September 10 (Tu)
09:00--10:00 James Cummings    Large cardinals and forcing (mini course (2/4))
10:30--11:15 Andrew Brooke-Taylor   On cardinal characteristics of large cardinals
11:25--12:10 Diego Alejandro Mejía Guzmán   Template iterations with non-definable posets
12:10--13:50      Lunch Time
13:50--14:20 Osvaldo Guzman    Namba forcing and set theory of the reals
14:30--15:00 Arturo Antonio Martinez   Canjar Ideals
15:20--15:50 Jonathan Cancino Manriquez   Countable irresolvable spaces
16:00--16:20 Shohei Tajiri   A remark on ``Can you take Solovay's inaccessible away?''
16:30--17:00 David Chodounský   Some combinatorics in ${\cal P}(\omega)$ [slides]
September 11 (We)
09:00--10:00 James Cummings    Large cardinals and forcing (mini course (3/4))
10:30--12:00 Stevo Todorčević;   Combinatorial Reflection Principles
12:00--13:40      Lunch Time
Short talks session:
13:40--14:00 Vincenzo Dimonte   Very Large Cardinals and the failure of GCH
14:05--14:25 Luz María García-Ávila    A forcing notion related to Hindman's Theorem (new properties)
14:30--14:50 Sakaé Fuchino    A proof of the Fodor-type Reflection Principle from the Rado Conjecture [slides] [notes]
14:55--15:15 Toshimichi Usuba    Superdestructibility of superstrong and other large cardinals [preprint]
15:20--15:40 Hiroshi Sakai    $n$-stationary sets and $\Pi^1_{n-1}$-indescribable cardinals [slides]
September 12 (Th)
09:00--10:00 James Cummings    Large cardinals and forcing (mini course (4/4))
10:20--11:05 Masahiro Shioya   A simplified approach to saturated ideals
11:15--12:00 Tadatoshi Miyamoto   Matrices of isomorphic models and morass-like structures
12:10--13:40      Lunch Time
13:40--14:25 Ulises Ariet Ramos García   Intersection numbers of families of ideals
14:35--15:20 Liuzhen Wu   $\Delta_1$ definability of the full nonstationary ideal on cardinals
15:20--15:30    Closing

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