RIMS Set Theory Workshop 2013

Reflection principles and set theory of large cardinals

September 9 - 12, 2013


Kyoto, Japan

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Reflection properties are one of the most important features of large cardinals. It is also very often the case that some kind of collapsing of large cardinals endows small cardinals like $\color{white}\aleph_2$ with very strong reflection properties. Reflection properties also have may applications to topology and to the theory of infinite algebraic structures. In this years RIMS workshop, we shall reexamine recent developements in set theory in light of various reflection principles.

As is usually the case in this series of annual RIMS workshops in set theory, besides this main theme of the meeting, there will be also talks on topics in set theory which might not be directly connected to this main theme, as well as talks on some application of set theory in other fields of mathematics.

Guest Speakers

We expect many talks, in particular by junior participants, both from Japan and abroad. Prospective participants should contact the organizer, Sakaé Fuchino (see the email address below), as early as possible.

Expected participants

Besides the two main speakers the following people among others are going to give talks at the meeting:

Dates, venue, and organizer

This workshop is one in the series of workshops held in Japan annually and supported by the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS). Here are web pages of some recent meetings:
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