Sakaé Fuchino's Web Page

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Japanese Version may contain some more informations.


  • Since October 1, 2009, I am at Kobe University.
    Kobe University
    Graduate School of System Informatics
    Rokko-dai 1-1, Nada, Kobe 657-8501
                web page: (in Japanese)

  • List of Publications
  • Preprints and recent papers
  • Group of Logic, Statistics & Informatics at Kobe University
  • Set-theory in Kobe
  • My Erdös number is 2.

    According to Mathematics Genealogy Project my academic ancestors in Philosophy include Hegel, Fichte, Kant and Leibnitz ( Frege is a student of one of my academic ancestors), while my acacemic ancestors in Mathematics include Veblen, Poisson, Lagrange, Laplace, Euler Johann Bernoulli, Jakob Bernoulli and also Leibnitz.

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